This is an exciting time for B2B marketing and sales.  Technology has provided the ways and the means to disrupt the entire industry. Understandably, the expectations for conversions are soaring.  Clients, dazzled by the likes of AI and cloud-based CRM solutions, eagerly anticipate the flood gates to open with droves of new customers. 

However, client sentiment can shift quickly when very few of the generated leads convert into customers.  If this happens, you may want to take a step back and ensure you are delivering on your promises. In other words, be sure you are properly setting expectations with your leads.

Setting expectations is important because it helps build trust and strengthens your credibility among those leads you are nurturing. Therefore, it is important to consider the following:
Be Clear: If you’re asking a prospect to fill out a form be sure they understand the benefits they'll gain by doing so. Will they receive a personalized newsletter? A free eBook?
Be Compelling: Simply asking a prospect to “register” or “click here” does little to encourage them to perform a desired action. Craft your messaging so it clearly — and honestly — promotes your value and compels them to respond to your call to action.
Deliver on Your Promise:  A surefire way to turn off a lead is failing to meet their expectations. That’s why it is imperative they clearly understand the value you have to offer. Be careful not to over promise.
Strong, lasting business relationships are founded in an honest and open communications. Open lines of communications enable you to share realistic capabilities and true expectations of marketing campaigns with your clients. This will allow you to proactively manage and set client expectations which is the key to building and maintaining a solid relationship with your client. 
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